Getting there

Recently at a meeting I overheard and then joined a conversation about presetting an address of a coming appointment in Google Calendar. One woman was telling her friend about this helpful feature and how she used it on her way to the meeting. I shared in her excitement having also used this feature on my way to the meeting.

Users of Google Calendar will find many nifty features offered, from sharing calendars with co-workers or families, having multiple calendars revolving around different aspects of your life, and setting up multiple notification patterns of coming appointments to name a few.

Presetting locations is helpful for quickly setting up navigation with Google Maps or Waze. The location may be entered in various formats, for example by postal address, point of interest, or pasting a Google Maps URL.

Next time you create an appointment either on your desktop or phone save the location. It’s entered the field shown below circled in red.

Google Calendar event entry with a location value entered and circled for illustration.

On your way open the appointment as shown in this next image and click on the location icon from within your phone. The phone will launch your navigation app of choice and prompt you to begin the driving directions.

Typical view of an appointment or event with an address displayed.

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