Will web conferencing help small business operators?

In a word, Yes! Here are two reasons why.


Internet conferencing, web conferencing, and FaceTime are various tools enabling you to video conference. In a previous blog, I wrote on the importance of cultivating relationships and periodically reaching out to your network. When an in-person meeting isn’t possible you should consider video conferencing.

Video conferencing offers an additional depth not found in a call. How do nods or perplexed looks across from you, influence your conversation? Do you or those you often communicate with, use your hands? Wouldn’t it be helpful to see and process this communication? These factors will strengthen your communication and relationship.


Web conferencing software usually has a screen sharing capability. This capability offers the ability to share what’s visible on your computer screen. Both participants in the web conference can simultaneously view the screen being shared. Some examples of why you would want to screen share are; products can be shown and described during a sales call, service contracts can be discussed, or engineering plans may be scrutinized.

Screen sharing is a very collaborative method of communication and work. It’s quick to initiate with web conferencing software and very efficient to get each participant on the same page.

Small business operators may also realize other benefits such as time shifting meetings to evenings when things are less hectic.

What do you need to get started?

  • A camera on your laptop or external USB camera
  • A headset, this is recommended as it improves the audio portion of the call, the boom mic is better suited to capturing your voice than a built-in mic on the laptop. Also headphones over your ears enable you to focus on your participant without extraneous background noise nearby.
  • Web conferencing software. For this check out Zoom.us. Personal accounts are free and offer the core capabilities you need to get started.

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