A Life Preserver if you Sink after Syncing

In my previous post, Avoid Sinking by Syncing, I recommended taking the time to connect your smartphone to cloud services in order to sync your contact information. Doing so makes it easier to manage, edit, and backup this pertinent data.

After writing the post a friend revealed he mistakenly deleted all his contact information from one device and before catching the mistake other devices were sync’d with this undesirable change. Unfortunately for him he didn’t know that backups of this data exist for users of Google’s Cloud or iCloud. It was too late to help him, but he helped me with a blog topic for you.

Demonstrating here with Google Cloud are the steps to restore. Only a few steps and the data will be available. If you need help with iCloud, call for my services and we can figure it out together.

What to do when you find your contact information is suddenly unavailable or significantly altered.


Log on to Google contacts. https://contacts.google.com/


Find the settings gear icon (top of the page to the right of the search box and question mark icon)


Click on the gear icon.


Clicking on “Undo changes”


Determine a suitable restoration point. Google allow you choose up to 30 days.


Confirm and you’re done. The contact list should reflect the point in time as your choice. Stay afloat!

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