Uncluttered mind, uncluttered office

My goal with ZNFConsulting is to help small business operators be more productive and efficient with technology tools and workflows. We all want to open up time for family life, exercise, fun, and thinking all the things. Here I will share one resource to help you with this goal.

Catherine Avery, a friend and peer, through her podcast Uncluttered Office with Catherine Avery weaves through many of these topics by sharing her personal experiences and by interviewing diverse guests with a fireside chat approach.

In her podcast you will learn many technological solutions from the birds eye view all down to just above the weeds. If you’re interested in organization of time, automated workflows, and technological solutions I encourage you to tune in and learn how to open up time in your life.

You can find Catherine at Productivity by Design and Uncluttered Office. Let me share a secret, I was the featured guest on February 11, 2021.

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