Uncluttered mind, uncluttered office

My goal with ZNFConsulting is to help small business operators be more productive and efficient with technology tools and workflows. We all want to open up time for family life, exercise, fun, and thinking all the things. Here I will share one resource to help you with this goal. Catherine Avery, a friend and peer,Continue reading “Uncluttered mind, uncluttered office”

A Life Preserver if you Sink after Syncing

In my previous post, Avoid Sinking by Syncing, I recommended taking the time to connect your smartphone to cloud services in order to sync your contact information. Doing so makes it easier to manage, edit, and backup this pertinent data. After writing the post a friend revealed he mistakenly deleted all his contact information fromContinue reading “A Life Preserver if you Sink after Syncing”

Avoid sinking by syncing

Many smartphone users don’t realize the power of both Google’s Cloud and iCloud. Both services offer the ability to synchronize and manage phone contacts. Contact information stored on our smartphones is vital to small business operators and personal uses. When was the last time you dialed digits into a phone to call a regular contactContinue reading “Avoid sinking by syncing”