Avoid sinking by syncing

Many smartphone users don’t realize the power of both Google’s Cloud and iCloud. Both services offer the ability to synchronize and manage phone contacts. Contact information stored on our smartphones is vital to small business operators and personal uses. When was the last time you dialed digits into a phone to call a regular contact such as a, spouse, friend, or colleague? This information is entered into a smartphone once and then simply referenced.

“Never memorise something that you can look up.”

Albert Einstein is attributed with the quote while reaching for a phone book to retrieve his own number.

Contact information can be managed online using services such as Google Contacts (contacts.google.com) or iCloud (icloud.com). Using these services with your Android or iPhone will keep this basic information sync’d to the cloud and other needed devices. Editing from a desktop or laptop is snap as well, so please take the time to fill as much pertinent information as known. For example a friend recently confessed to texting the wrong person because she confused them by having only their first names stored in her contact list.

Setup an iPhone with iCloud https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT205754

Setup an Android Google apps to cloud sync https://support.google.com/android/answer/9453724?hl=en

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